All About Whey Protein

Whey Protein is one of the best companions a fitness-minded individual can have. Protein shakes from whey protein powder can help in rebuilding and repairing muscles after lifting weights in the gym or cardio.

Whey protein can make you stronger, fitter and also help you have a lean body. So, if you need to build a bigger, stronger and leaner physique, then investing in a tub of high-quality Whey Protein would be a right move. It can help provide your muscles with everything it needs to grow. So, now let us understand more about Whey Protein.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein powder is one of the most popular sports nutrition products. Its popularity is much owed to its availability and effectiveness. Once whey protein is consumed, it would be digested rapidly and absorbed by our digestive system. This helps the protein to get into our bloodstream and ultimately to our muscles. This rapid process helps in initiating the recovery process of our muscles after a training session.

Why do you need Whey Protein?

If you are a fitness enthusiast engaged in following exercise programmes, be it cardio, weights or endurance training, you can benefit from a slightly more intake of protein than the daily requirements.

Whey protein offers you with one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your daily intake of protein. Whey protein benefits you the most just after a training session when you won't be much enthused about cooking and eating a full meal. Being bodybuilding supplements, these products would fill in the nutritional gaps and help you achieve your fitness goal.

How much do you need?

It is suggested that a 30g serving is adequate at a time. Many kinds of research have suggested that this is the ideal amount to repair the muscle damaged occurred during training and initiate the process of muscle protein synthesis. It is during this that new muscle tissue is laid down. Protein-rich diet can also help in reducing body fat levels, thereby helping you, as said earlier, stronger, fitter and leaner.

When to take it?

The most obvious time to consume whey protein powder is after a workout session. This is the time when your muscles will be tired and damaged and would be in need of a repair and being regenerated. Drinking a protein shake with whey protein within 30 minutes of the training session can initiate your muscle recovery process by swarming your bloodstream with amino acids. These amino acids are transported to your muscle cells where they are laid down as new muscle tissue.

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