Product of the Week - Cellucor Whey

From 2002, a brand has been at the forefront of sports nutrition supplements industry and it is none other than the much famed Cellucor. Cellucor has been launched with the aim to provide the best products that catered to the various needs of its diverse customer base.

Cellucor brand has its sights solely fixed on taking you to the next level. This is why they have the tagline “Better is never enough.” They are all into the research and development of the world’s best health supplement products and, thanks to their achievement and the quality and diversity of their products, Cellucor is now the leader and best in the industry.

The commitment of Cellucor lies in delivering the most-effective, best-tasting and highest-quality supplements that cater to the fitness journey of each individual. One of the most famous products of this brand is Cellucor Whey.

The COR-Performance series from Cellucor is developed with the intention to help each individual perform at his highest limits. COR-Performance Whey Isolate Pro is an optimal source of protein when you’re looking to maintain lean muscle, replenish nutrients after a workout, and indulge your sweet tooth guilt-free.

Each two-scoop of COR-Performance Whey is packed with 24g of fast-acting Whey protein and digestive enzymes so that you can satisfy your protein needs any time of the day. This helps you perform for greater lengths of time, boost protein synthesis and repair damages to the muscle. In short, as others tire out, with this product, you can still go on, as if you just started working out.

The features of COR-Performance Whey

  • Low Carb And Low Fat
  • It is true that you need carbohydrates and also fat for energy. But is it necessary that you need them in your protein supplement? No, it is not, as there are many ways through which you would get carbs and fat in the body. When you want the benefits of lean protein with minimal carbs and fat, COR-Performance Whey Isolate Protein Powder is second to none.

  • Guilt-free Indulgence
  • It is hard to stay away from a scoop of ice cream or a glass of milkshake, and often we would feel guilty after having it as we deviated from our path towards fitness. Thanks to COR-Performance Whey Isolate Protein Powder, you can relish the flavour of your favourite dessert free of any guilt. Along with setting the bar high for protein, the R&D team at Cellucor is also passionate about delivering the best-tasting protein money can buy. With a full line of dessert-inspired flavours, you’ll have no problem satisfying your taste buds.

  • Get Creative
  • The COR-Performance Whey Isolate Protein Powder is as versatile as it is delicious, making it the perfect ingredient for protein-packed recipes. From pancakes and waffles to puddings and ice cream, we let you get creative with how you devour your whey protein!

    In short, the amazing features of this awesome product are:

    • Packed with protein to help maintain and build lean muscle.
    • Better dessert-inspired flavours.
    • Great as a snack, meal replacement and ingredient in recipes.
    • Low carbohydrate and low fat
    • Added digestive enzymes
    • Perfect Mixability

    The Cellucor Whey is available in a variety of flavours, including Molten Chocolate. The product can be purchased from Supplement Wholesalers for $34.99. You can also choose from a wide collection of other Whey protein and Protein powder supplements.

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