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Beast Sports Super Test Capsules

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Super Test® is the finest product of its kind. Workout enthusiasts everywhere now demand it because Super Test® may help support:

Muscle mass, improved strength & healthy sex drive.  The ingredients in Super Test may also help detoxify the system, and help maintain body’s optimum levels of fitness and health.



 Boosting nitric oxide levels in the body facilitates better blood circulation throughout the body, which may improve muscle-building and sexual health. Nitric oxide supports the release of hormones and adrenaline in the body. Since nitric oxide helps to increase blood circulation, it may also aid in muscle growth by delivering more nutrients to muscles and speeding recovery time. Many athletes have found that nitric oxide supplementation may also help them to workout longer and harder.



What's inside this product?

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) is water-soluble and acts a coenzyme in the breakdown and utilisation of carbohydrates, fats and proteins; vital in the metabolism of amino acids, helps maintain healthy immune system functions, assists in the function of specific enzymes.

Magnesium citrate helps support normal muscle and nerve function, promotes a healthy immune system, contributes to bone strength, and prevents various conditions such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes.

Zinc citrate supports the human immune system, tissues and joints as well as helping in cell growth and the mineral is also known to help with the combat of the common cold.

"Anabolic testosterone support complex"

Puncture vine (whole plant) extract is an herb that some people believe boosts testosterone levels.

Suma powder (root) is a brazilian ginseng used to heal and prevent disease. Also a sexual stimulant and is known to boost libido, low sexual energy and remedy for impotence.

Ashwagandha extract (root) is derived from ayurvedic herb withania somnifera. It is used to decrease inflammation caused by arthritis, protect body against infectious diseases and improve health and longevity. This supplement has also been shown to improve blood sugar and insulin regulation.

Chlorophytum extract (root) is a rasayana herb from Indian medicine supposedly used as an aphrodisiac and adaptogen.

Rhodiola extract (root) is a remarkable herb that can strengthen nervous system, fight depression, enhance immunity, elevate the capacity for exercise, enhance memory, aid weight reduction, increase sexual function and improve energy levels.

Fenugreek extract (seed) is a product sometimes processed into breads, and sometimes supplemented. It can make urine and sweat smell of maple syrup. It also appears to be a libido enhancer, anti-diabetic and is pretty healthy; many people like the maple syrup urine aspect of it, conversation starter. It has been shown in human study’s to increases testosterone.

Tongkat ali (eurycoma longifolia) root extract is a pro-fertility agent and aphrodisiac that appears to have a large body of evidence supporting this role and some evidence suggesting it may be an anti-estrogen and pro-erectile agent. Lack of evidence for testosterone boosting.

Chaste tree extract (fruit) works in stimulating and normalising the pituitary gland which regulates the balance of estrogen and progesterone in the body.

Winged treebine extract (leaf) also commonly known as cissus quadrangularis, this ancient Ayurvedic botanical has been used for centuries as a general tonic and analgesic, with specific bone fracture healing properties. Modern research has indicated cissus’ ability to speed bone healing and to help preserve muscle tissue during times of physical and emotional stress, and is high in vitamin C and beta carotene.

"Nitric oxide support complex"

L-arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid, L- arginine is important for regulation of blood flow and nitric oxide. It helps in maximising nitric oxide to encourage stamina and muscle growth

Agmatine sulfate appears to be a novel neurotransmitter. Its actions are widely different than that of arginine, and it is a promising supplement for neuropathic pain, drug addiction, stroke protection, and general cognitive health.

Arginine ethyl ester is an arginine amino acid with an ester attached. Unlike regular L-arginine form, arginine ethy ester can pass through the intestine largely intact so it can have a greater absorption rate which would increase the beneficial effects of the arginine while reducing the need for large doses. It helps increase muscle mass as well as aid in injury recovery.

Di-arginine malate helps to maintain the correct amount of nitrogen in your muscles. By taking a supplement form of di-arginine malate, the overall amount of nitric oxide in the body can be increased, and help build muscle mass.

"Estrogen control factors"

Japanese knotweed extract (root) has been shown to be a vessel for resveratrol (as well as a few other compounds structurally similar to resveratrol and may act in the same way) and anthraquinone compounds that possess slight laxative effects; like senna root but less potent.

Diindolylmethane is a molecule which is named after its structure, two indole groups attached to methane group. It is commonly found in broccoli, and holds promise as being a molecule for anti-cancer effects and as an aromatase inhibitor.

Calcium-D-glucarate is a β-glucuronidase inhibitor that promotes the excretion of any molecule in a specific detoxification pathway. It has shown efficacy at very high (inpractical) oral doses in reducing cancer induced by these compounds, it will also reduce estrogen.

"Liver and kidney detoxification support"

Milk thistle extract (seed) is a herb that contains a few active ingredients collectively referred to as Silymarins. It is a nice liver therapeutic compound (to be taken after the insult to the liver) and most well known for that, similar in mechanism to TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic acid)

Cranberry extract (fruit) prevents the infection from reoccurring by stopping the bacteria from attaching to the cells that line the bladder.

Cyanotis vaga extract (root) has proven to be effective in promoting muscle growth and fat loss with less side effects usually associated with use of anabolic steroids.

"DHT control factors"

Nettle root powder contains polysaccharides and lignans that have an effect similar to steroid hormones. It can treat frequent urination problems; reduces inflammation in enlarged prostate; treats urinary tract infections; alleviates pain in joints and lower back

Pygeum africanum extract (bark) is a tree bark that is commonly sold as a prostatic health supplement (usually alongside saw palmetto); components of pygeum appear to possess anti-androgenic properties, and the efficacy of this compounds on benign prostatic hyperplasia is not fully established.

Pumpkin seed extract also called cucurbita pepo is a plant which hasvariants called pumpkin, squash, zucchini and gourds; it is sometimes called pumpkin extract (either a water extract or seed oil) and appears to be a phytopharmaceutical for prostate disorders.